Iles ehotile national park

Spatial scale at which owner of site's underlying area functions Owner: Specify what scale if not listed Owner: Administrative level at which owner of site's underlying area functions Owner: Specify what level if not listed Owner: Name of owner of site's underlying area Owner: Human activity to which this regulation pertains. Extent to which this activity is regulated Examples: Allowed unregulated, allowed regulated, prohibited, unknown.

Is the regulation species-specific? If regulation is species-specific, which species does it affect only one per regulation? Ban on abalone fishing, minimum size limit for lobster. Is regulation specific to the method used? If regulation is method-specific, what quimica organica questoes does it affect?

Method of fishing - gear type, method of fishing - boat size or engine capacity, method of aquaculture. Specify method this regulation pertains to. Does regulation impose a quota on the activity? Does regulation impose a size limit? Is a permit or license required to carry out the activity? Is there a total ban on the activity?

Is an environmental impact assessment of the impacts of the activity required to be performed before the activity might be allowed to occur? Is the activity regulated in iles ehotile national park other way? Short description of other way in which activity is regulate Examples: Provide any other details relevant to the regulation of this activity.

Does the site contain warm water coral reef? Reefs are defined as iles ehotile national park biologically created hard structures that rise from the sea floor. Coral reefs are formed in warm shallow water dg C; Source: Does the site contain sponge reef?

Sponge reefs iles ehotile national park made from hexactinellid sponges. Does the site contain seagrass? Seagrasses are flowering plants found in shallow coastal marine waters. Since they evolved from land plants millions of years ago, seagrasses are significantly different than seaweed algae in their ecology, morphology, and physiology.

Does the site contain mangrove? Mangrove forests are comprised of taxonomically diverse, salt-tolerant tree and other plant species which thrive in intertidal zones of sheltered tropical shores, "overwash" islands, and estuaries. Mangrove trees have specially adapted aerial and salt-filtering roots and salt-excreting leaves that enable them to occupy the saline wetlands where other plant life cannot survive.

Does the site contain kelp forest? Marine ecosystem dominated by large kelps brown algae; Phylum Phaeophyta. These forests are restricted to cold and temperate waters, and are most common along the western coasts of continents.

Does the site contain rock? Large substrate grain size to solid rock. Does the site contain sand? Does the site contain a beach? The terrestrial interface area in between land and a water body where there are accumulations of unconsolidated sediments like sand and gravel. These deposits are laid down by the action of breaking waves. Iles ehotile national park the site contain mud? Does the site contain seamount s? A volcanic mountain found on an ocean basin that has an origin not related to a mid-oceanic ridge or a tectonic subduction zone.

Does the site contain hydrothermal vent s? Cracks in the ocean floor that emit jets of superheated water loaded with minerals and bacteria. The vents range in diameter from less than an inch to more than six feet. They are usually found at least a mile deep along the mid-ocean ridges.

Does the site contain canyon s? The edge of the continental margin is incised by submarine canyons that extend from the shelf to the deep sea floor. These erosional features were apparently formed by scouring out a portion of the shelf. Does iles ehotile national park site contain cold water coral reef? Most commonly occurring species is Lophelia pertusa.

Does the site contain cold seep? A cold seep sometimes called a cold vent is an area of the ocean floor where hydrogen sulfide, methane and other hydrocarbon-rich fluid seepage occurs. Similar how to make egg on little alchemy hydrothermal vents except that seepages are at the same temperature as the surrounding water, rather than superheated.

Does the site contain pelagic habitat? The part of the open sea or ocean comprising the water column, i. Does the site contain estuarine habitat? A partially enclosed body of water where saltwater from the sea mixes with freshwater from rivers, streams and creeks.

These areas of transition between the land and the sea are iles ehotile national park driven, like the sea, but sheltered from the full force of ocean wind and waves, more like a river. Estuaries are generally enclosed in part by the coastline, marshes and wetlands; the seaward border may be barrier islands, reefs and sand, or mud flats.

Does the site contain mudflat? A flat area along a coast, covered with a thick layer of mud or sand. Mudflats are usually underwater at high tide. Does the site contain marsh? Transitional areas between land and water, occurring along the intertidal shore of estuaries and sounds where salinity salt content ranges from near ocean strength to near fresh in upriver marshes.

Areas where fish are known to breed. Does the site contain other habitat types not listed here? Please specify other habitat types found in the site.

What is the dominant habitat type within the MPA? In the likely event that you do not have a full habitat map for the site, please use your judgement and experience in answering this question.

If the dominant habitat type is 'other', please specify what it is. Designation status of zone within MPA Examples: Degazetted, designated, informally designated, proposed, recommended, unknown. Define purpose of othe zone - differentiate from existing types.

Total area of zone. Aux espèces d'eau s'ajoutent, en saison sèche, des espèces migratrices. Notons que le parc abrite aussi des mammifères classiquement inféodés à la forêt tels que les céphalophes, les potamochères, les rongeurs, etc. Outre ces animaux, le Parc abrite deux espèces qui lui confèrent son originalité: Pour les populations riveraines ces animaux sont le signe de la présence des parents disparus.

Ils occupent donc une grande importance dans la vie de ces peuples. Trichechus senegalensismammifère aquatique très représentatif des lagunes ivoiriennes, mais aujourd'hui fortement menacé de disparition. Pour toutes ces richesses, les lles Ehotilé ont été classées Site Ramsar iles ehotile national park n le 18 octobre Iles ehotile national park lagune Aby est bordée par les cantons Ehotilé, Adounvlè et Essouma.

Le chef lieu du canton, siège de la chefferie Ehotilé est Etueboué, tandis ferramentas companheiro macom Assinie iles ehotile national park la chefferie Essouma. La pêche constitue la principale activité des populations riveraines autochtones du parc. Elles pratiquent, depuis des siècles, la pêche collective sous différentes formes.

Parc national des Iles Ehotilé

L'activité de pêche est pratiquée par les hommes et les femmes. Les hommes se chargent de la pêche, de l'approvisionnement en bois de chauffe bois de palétuvier, essentiellement et les femmes s'occupent du fumage. Help preserve sites now! Join theMembers. By year Country Region Year and country. Parc national des Iles Iles ehotile national park Côte d'Ivoire. Property names are listed in the language in which they have been submitted by the State Party. Description Les îles Ehotilé ont été érigées en Parc National par le décret N 79 du 25 avril sur l'initiative des Communautés locales cas unique en Côte d'lvoire et même en Afrique de l'Ouest.

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