Mapa do imperio romano

Good job leaving Ireland off the map. With regards to the issue of whether to include Ireland on your next version, I would suggest that is solely a matter for you. However, if you want a modern day precedent, the EU often tends to wash-out any countries that are not Member States from their mapa do imperio romano.

One minor suggestion — please mark on the map itself which mapa do imperio romano names are invented. Otherwise someone will inevitably find a copy of this map divorced from this page and take it as mito na filosofia reference without knowing that some of the names are not historically accurate.

I thought about putting the invented names in italics, or something like that. Is there a vector version of this? Highly entertaining, enlightening and everything! Thank you so much for the kind words, I really appreciate all your support. You should submit your design to Threadless, https: Greetings, Salutations and Congratulations for this modern, beautifully executed graphic presentation of this historical information. Like others, I do not utilize PayPal but would definitely like to have a framed version.

I see from comments above that you have a vector version as well as the PDF. Mapa do imperio romano would definitely like to purchase both forms, please let me know when you have an alternate vehicle for payment.

I would like to plot out a larger version for my son who has a collections of maps. Hello and thank you! I have an alternative to PayPal here: The PDF is the vector file, but if you would like some portal da univag file format please reach out to me, trub uchicago.

PDFs are fixed pixels, whereas vector graphics can be stretched to the end of the Universe and back without losing printing quality! I think you misunderstand how PDFs work. If you are more comfortable with a different file type, just email me and I will send you whatever you like.

The highway ended a little after Bostra and did not connect to Damascus. One little inaccuracy as far as I can see: Is this on purpose? Or are they referring to different cities? I can only imagine all the work it took to get all the places and then to imagine them in this map style. Thanks for sharing this great map. I blogged about it on mapa do imperio romano Bible and Tech blog with some quibbles that in no way detract from your accomplishment!

You make very good points, Psicologia crista pdf tried to acknowledge some of them in my writeup but a few things slipped through the cracks.

There are plenty of good maps and research about it. Take the last roads to Britain. With swords sharp and with tactics all resistancez will end. Before us blood will flow. Flow, oh, oh, oh and we do it for the glory that is Rome. Despite our Empires cruelty, inspire governments and education. Go, go, go, go. Now we must return to Rome. The Empire is on fire. It falls but slow.

So slow, so slow. Down, mapa do imperio romano, down, it goes but as empires go it impresses with its roads. There was a major city of Egitania — with a major road connection between Conimbriga, Bracara Augusta and Mérito. I did not see a major connection on Pelagios so I did not include it in the map. Today, there is a highway called that way; it is the A that joins Seville Hispalis in the south with the province of Leon in the north of Spain Hispania.

Although we are not personally in touch with that branch of the family, they are certainly distant likely 4th or 5th cousins! Great work, great map. However, you could extend the map significantly beyond Ulpia Traiana Xanten into the north and west into Germania Inferior, nowadays called the Netherlands. There is a lot of info available. The Romans build even canals to transport goods and soldiers, like the Canal of Corbulo, approx from modern city Leiden to west of modern Rotterdam.

Hi Armand, very interesting information. I actually came across the image you linked to while researching for the map. In hindsight I really should have extended maybe one more stop after the Colonia. The reason I chose not to at the time was because these villages were very small compared to the other cities and towns I included on the map.

Any change you will make a v2 of your Roman map in the near future? I am sure if you would extend the map further north and west into Germania Inferior nowadays the Netherlands a lot of people I know in the Netherlands would be very interested in your map and probably want to purchase the PDF in that case.

Like you I have an interest in that country too — not by blood but by friends, familly and other connections. Curso pedagogia para licenciados want to make it a poster. Can mapa do imperio romano send me the high res pdf?

Sasha — Brilliant work! Hello Ulf, thank you for the kind words. Can you please email me at trub uchicago. I believe that Philippi was most important town than Amphipolis of Egnatia str. Saint Paul stopped at Philippi. Egnatia street still exists in the area I live.

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Yes, this area had many wealthy and prosperous towns that were all quite important, it was difficult for me to choose which one.

In a future update of modelo de referencias bibliograficas map, I would include Philippi for sure. Almost totally disrelated Sasha, but a friend of mine has made a map of existing and planned rail lines for South East Asia — link at http: Beautiful and fascinating map, thanks for sharing!

It I were making it, I would focus a little less on cartographic precision and a little more on making the network as easy to understand as possible. Hi where is Way of the Patriarchs from Mapa do imperio romano to Jerusalem?

I did not give it its own road, it was sort of rolled into the Via Asiana, the section from Tyrus to Jerusalem which I anachronistically labelled as Aelia Capitolina by mistake. It seems pretty complete. I mapa do imperio romano say Vindonissa, a major troop deployment hub is missing. Information is a little scarce online. From AD it may have held a civil status civil government. It had stone fortifications and wall which means it was absolute key and later an added castle.

If I ever make an updated version of this map, I will put it in. Interesting stuff, thanks for the info! Y ahora hablamos de Roman Roads, un proyecto realizado por Sasha Trubetskoy y publicado el pasado 3 de junio en el que se […]. Sasha, this map is awesome!

Great job, and thank you for sharing this! Or Heliopolis Baalbecksite of one of the largest mapa do imperio romano in the empire? Thank you, both very valid points, I will include both in the updated version. Berytus I seemed to have accidentally missed, Heliopolis was difficult to fit in physically due to the constraints of the paper.

Hello Pablo, thank you so much for your support. Please check your spam folder, I did actually send you the map. Please email me at trub uchicago. Yes, this has been pointed out. Via Julia Augusta originally started from Aquileia and went towards Carnuntum Pannoniaeinstead it was wrongly identified to some way toward Gallia Narbonensis.

I use it in every of my lessons! Thank you so much!


I put great care into making sure the Latin was a legitimate as possible. Very glad I could help with your teaching! This will make a great addition to my map room! Thank you for putting in the work, it really shows. Is there a poster size that suits this file best? I did consider adding maritime routes as dotted lines, similar to how bus lines or ferries are represented on modern transit maps.

The result, unfortunately, ended up looking cluttered and overwrought. There is a nice little bridge now mapa do imperio romano near Patrae north. Goodmorning, why Via Emilia is not in the listo the roads that have authentic names and paths: Via Emilia does not end in Piacenza but it ends in Milanothe first part of this roman road Rimini — Piacenza is since bC but Piacenza — Milano is just since the following century it is still now and should be always Piacenza — Milano SS9 via Emilia.

However, If I may make an addition that might up great your great work. Paphos which was capital of Cyprus curso online enem established routes with Alexandria, Tyre and Greece. Your map almost dismisses Cyprus which for Romans back then was a senatorial province worth mentioned on its own. Augustus appointed ten consular governments in Europe and in the adjacent islands.

Thanks Sasha for sharing this with us. My middle school history teachers and I are excited to make posters of your wonderful map. The ancient world comes alive here and it even pinpoints our location on the Limes. A perfect gift for the right person. Any chance I can pay you in some way other than Paypal? OK,the plan is in gear. Now when do you hop on board the time machine and convince Emperor Hadrian to fund the conversion of his road system to subways?

From about BC, the Romans built or improved overmiles of roads 50, miles were […]. Hi, very nice map! I found a typo while going through the various northern routes and not being able to find one city. Boulogne-sur-mer was Gesoriacum, mapa do imperio romano, in your map the i is misplaced. A marvellous idea, well executed. The world the Roman World at least is your lobster English joke. I expect that the Latin is execrable but you clearly have the interest and application to do this.

Power to your elbow. This was a very creative idea, but one really mapa do imperio romano to be up on their geography to truly appreciate how great a job this really was.

The payment was made on Sat, 10 Jun I want to print it on authentic papyrus for my brother http: I can put a hi-rez version on http: Can you tell me what is the correct place? This pagehowever, does say it was called Premis during Roman times. Thank you for this amazing resource. Na een historia sobre lobisomem research is Trubetskoy aan de slag gegaan met het in kaart brengen van de belangrijkste wegen uit het Romeinse Rijk.

Hij koos daarvoor het jaartoen het Romeinse wegennetwerk op zijn hoogtepunt was. Om de kaart overzichtelijk te houden, bedacht hij een como hipnotizar uma pessoa e fazer ela te obedecer opmaak: Op deze manier is het voor de kijker makkelijk om de lijnen te volgen en de belangrijkste knooppunten en steden halverwege te bekijken. Meer info op de blog van Sasha Trubetskoy.

I would want the background black instead of white though. Is there any chance you could put out an alternate mapa do imperio romano a black background? Interesting to see that east of Gaza there is very little. There were not many major cities in the desert area east of Gaza, although there was a lot of activity to the north and north-east, essentially north of the Dead Sea. Of course, my map is a simplification of the overall structure. This is VERY cool, and the number of comments, despite the pedants, is in an indication of just how cool.

I worked on sites on the ancient Via Gabina, the road that lead westward out of Rome to the Etruscan town of Gabii; not sure if it continued with that name, or was subsumed under another road. Would also make a cool t-shirt. You might consider Cafe Press for other Latinophile gifts. And absolutely, currently in the process of figuring out fulfillment for physical posters and possibly other stuff shirts, shower curtains??

I plan on doing a map just for Italy, might just make it on there.

Roman Roads

Today I made a payement via PayPal. I can hardly wait to receive a vector-based file pdf or ai. Your map is just awesome, it leaves me speechless. Thank you Sasha for the quick delivery of the file. Received it in good order. Mapa do imperio romano em meu Blog Free Counter.

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