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Outros Vídeos Cyst Excision: Ada - Personal Health Companion. Notícias Mais Vistas Adeus homens. Suppose you didn't know what Representative Brown had actually said. Suppose all you heard was what Representative Callton said: It was so offensive, I don't even want to say it in front of women.

I would not say that in mixed company. People that are only going to hear half the story are going to think Brown said something a lot more offensive than vagina. You can get miase na vagina get away with that if the subject pertains to firearms.

How about a long speech on Brown's speech where "vagina" is never used, but all sorts of euphemisms for it are interwoven in it. A satire filibuster if the particular body heh, body allows that. There certificado de apresentacao de bebe na igreja evangelica pro-life Democrats.

So come to the Dark Side. And we are allowed to refer to a you-know-what as exactly what it really is. Tell the Representatives that she said "vagina" not "clown car. To be fair it is only the Michigan Legislature, which controls only slightly more money than the guy who collects for the 5th floor coffee club. I miase na vagina the speech includes the term "nether regions". It's my personal favorite, and I use it whenever I'm tempted by satan to use the V-word. I knew I wasn't the only one!

Something tells me this song http: More than it usually does, that is. Remember, you can prick your finger but you can't finger your prick.

I'm partial to pudendum. You let one get away with saying vagina and pretty soon you're going to miase na vagina others trying to say vasectomy, too.

Медицинская энциклопедия - влагалище

Where does it end? If these people can't be professional adults and use terms like 'vajayjay' and 'pee pee snipping' to describe these things, miase na vagina, then they may just have to go ahead and pass anti-choice legislation without any debate at all.

Barb Byrum, D-Onondaga, said Thursday she believed she was banned from speaking on the floor of the state House of Representatives because she introduced an amendment Wednesday that would apply the same controversial abortion regulations to vasectomies.

Protesters in front of the Conclusao sobre o classicismo Capitol Building today carried signs reading "Vagina". You can't make this stuff up. All I can say is, after that little display of macho BS, I hope none of those male legislators are allowed anywhere near a vagina for a long, long time.

You can't use "nether regions" in Michigan. They'll think you're talking about the UP. I have said for years that if I were a public figure I would use a pseudonym. Vagina, just to make people in politics use the word. Haven't read the thread, has anyone referenced Serial Mom miase na vagina I like me some of that as well. We call it "puds. For some, "vagina" leaves a nasty taste in their mouth.

That was miase na vagina first thought, but it is a little too artigo 144 clt for the sensitive miase na vagina of the majority party. I was thinking of about a hundred variations of: Va legislator Dave Albo Republican had that problem: So much for decorum.

OK, I want to be fair here. It's highly probable that the offensive thing about what she said was the sentence, not the word. They were understandably insulted and offended. It was rude to treat this, however teasingly as if they were a bunch of horny lads, or even rapists, when they're talking about saving innocent human lives here. Dismissive feminist ad hominem, miase na vagina. But the response, man, way to reinforce the stereotype of the male GOP officeholder as gay.

At least, that's a charitable interpretation. How about those TV ads for feminine hygiene products that talk about "vaginal" symptoms? Talk about mixed company! Not only women, but children might see those! Their comments make it very clear they were offended she used the word vagina. It's not an ad hominem. It's a blunt, negative description of their proposed legislation that they didn't care to hear.

It's somewhat typical of politicians to get offended by this sort of thing - 'don't call it throwing people out of their primeiros socorros desbravadores, call it a discussion of eminent domain proposals vis a vis redevelopment of downtown' - but the fact that Republicans proposing restrictions on when a woman can have an abortion get offended by a woman using the word "vagina" illustrates exactly why it's important to call people on this kind of bullshit.

The only thing that deflected Virginia's law mandating ultrasounds before abortions was when it was pointed out to the legislature that an ultrasound in early pregnancy that is likely to provide an image as required by the bill was a trans-vaginal ultrasound. The bill did not, as I have been told, directly mandate a trans-vaginal ultrasound, but it did so indirectly.

Forcing an object into any orifice of a person against that person's will is rape. The state was mandating rape against its own citizens. Once that got enough publicity, miase na vagina Governor said he would not sign the bill until the requirement was modified.

He signed the modified bill, which still mandates ultrasounds before any abortion but allows trans-abdominal ultrasounds in early pregnancy. So in Virginia the state does not require you have a cuke shoved up your hoo-ha, but does require that someone spooge on your tummy and rub a gizmo all over it.

The state motto should be changed to "Yeah, we've tyrants and we're totally cool with that! Consider the nations in history who engaged in state-sponsored rape, and whether we want the US to be in that company. But a legislator cannot speak the medical term for a body part that is relevant to the legislation under debate. Those moronic legislators who censured her do not miase na vagina me proud of my country, my gender, or my species.

Callton even know what a vagina is? Because I can sort of understand why a guy might not want to talk about, say, penises and testicles in mixed company, but We're now afraid to say "vagina" in the presence of people who have vaginas? What is fascinating is that her use of the word curso de cuidador de idoso rhetoric, not a simple attempt to be rude.

In the course of this legislative session they can pass a law that literally controls her own vagina, but she herself can't refer to it during the session, apparently, miase na vagina.

They'd probably be happier if she just made a vague gesture and a reference to "down there.

traduire de

State senators and congressmen? It's more likely than you think. The City of Chicago considered putting a special tax on motels that rent rooms by the hour. Ugh, this dickhead just can't say it.

Hello Typo Knig, perhaps you agree with the slogan, "If I want the gov't in my womb, I'll fuck a senator, miase na vagina. I suspect they'd be happier if their state government were not, in fact, mixed company.

Did you get that? She should miase na vagina blown this up as a PowerPoint presentation and shown it to them. So forcing someone to have an unwanted guest inside of her reproductive organs is in no way like rape? And we wonder why the world shows little respect for our country at times. When I go overseas, I'm often asked about such antics in our state and federal governments and can say nothing to excuse or even explain them.

I am embarrassed as heck by our willingness to demonstrate our stupidity to the world, after which we then demand that we be shown respect. I suggested abolishing state governments a while back and was shot down. One could argue that we need them as farm teams to find the few aspiring pols who aren't idiots before we put them in Congress.

But honestly, we could probably do better promoting from the civil service, the federal bench, and the foreign service. The whole thing seems a bit ridiculous to me but I thought the fact that she referred to her vagina specifically makes a difference.

Not a huge difference, but it's more provocative than just referring to vaginas in general. Do you really think had she used it in a technical way, when it was actually relevant, that it would miase na vagina provoked this reaction?

Well yeah, you can call it that. The term "you're interested in my exercicio aposto e vocativo has miase na vagina highly offensive connotation. And it's completely bogus too, because while the legislation may in fact impact her vagina, there's no evidence at all to suggest that anyone is specifically interested in it.

She was just being extremely obnoxious and offensive. Imagine if a group of mostly female legislators would be debating something like child support payments, and a male legislator would say "well I'm glad you're all so miase na vagina in my penis but Would you call it a "blunt, negative description of their proposed legislation"?

No, of course not, you - and all the others in this thread - would call it extremely offensive and inapropriate, and would call for the guy to be censured or worse. And I'm sure you're not offended by the word penis, medically correct as it is Except it would be more like a group of mostly female legislators were trying to pass a bill that would force men seeking vasectomy to undergo a state mandated penis groping, counseling and education about the risks of miase na vagina, and have their penis sizes published on a state website before being given access to the procedure.

Which incidentally, is similar to the analogy another female state rep tried to make the same day and was also barred from speaking. Read the quote in the OP.

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