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These are just a few of the ways we are changing the atmosphere and destroying our climate. The changing of the guard. After a courtship of several weeks, females lay one single egg and then leave it behind!

Every year, female emperors go to the open sea to get their food. They travel about 80 kilometers across the frozen surface every winter. Where are the eggs, then? At the feet, literally, of the male emperors.

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The male emperor penguin incubates his egg, keeping it warm on his feet covered by his stomach. He just stands there, for about 65 days, through icy temperatures, cruel winds and blinding storms until the eggs hatches. And those dedicated fathers eat nothing that whole time. Because transportadora hungaro maringa the cruel Antartic cold, the male penguins stay together, very near each other.

The wind blows very, very hard. But the penguins texto em ingles para treinar stay there. Finally, after over two months, the females returns from the sea, bring food they regurgitate, to feed the now hatched chicks. The two birds greet each other noisily.

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She is preparing a delicious pasta for lunch with a refreshing orange juice. Ela vai até a geladeira para beliscar algumas gostosuras antes do almoço. Walk in the Zoo Peter is 7 years old and today will visit the zoo for the first time. He is very anxious because he always wanted to see a Lion.

Passeio no Zoológico Pedro tem 7 anos e hoje vai visitar o zoológico pela primeira vez. O primeiro animal que Pedro vê é o macaco. The Shepherd and the Montain Mount Everest has ice on the top and trees on the side.

Coming down on the mountain is a bicycle ridden by a german shepherd. He has a glass of water on one hand and a shoe in the other. At the bottom of the moutain, he crashes into a tv set.

Na parte base da montanha, ele cai em um aparelho de tv.

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