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The psychology of color as it relates to persuasion is one of the most interesting — and most controversial — aspects of marketing. At Help Scout we believe the problem has always been depth of analysis.

Join the gang of savvy subscribers who receive original, well-researched articles about company culture, customer service, and building a better business every week. But why is such a potentially colorful conversation so unwaveringly shallow? So the idea that colors such as yellow or purple are able to evoke some sort of hyper-specific emotion is about as accurate as your standard palm reading. The key is to look for practical ways to make decisions about color. As mentioned, there have been myriad attempts to o que e branding marketing consumer responses to different individual colors:.

But the truth is that color is too dependent on personal experiences to be universally translated to specific feelings. There are, however, broader messaging patterns to be found in color perceptions.

Additional studies have revealed our brains prefer immediately recognizable brandswhich makes color an important element when creating a brand identity.

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If Harley owners buy the product in order to feel rugged, colors that work best will play to that emotion. Brands can sometimes cross between two traits, but they are mostly dominated by one. While certain colors do broadly align with specific traits e. The most notable points in his images are the supremacy of blue across both genders and the disparity between groups tratamento para pata de ganso purple.

Consider, for o que e branding marketing, this coverage by Smithsonian magazinedetailing how blue and pink became associated with boys and girls respectively, and how it used to be the reverse. Additional research in studies on color perception and color preferences show that when it comes to shades, tints, and huesmen generally prefer bold colors while women prefer softer colors.

Also, men were more likely to select shades of colors as their favorites colors with black addedwhereas women are more receptive to tints of colors colors with white added. Research clearly shows that participants are able to recognize and recall an item far better — be it text or an image — when it blatantly sticks out from its surroundings.

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